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Hybridrive® Series-E Hybrid Bus System

The Electric Drive System

HybriDrive® Series-E may be called a hybrid drive system, but the fact is, it powers a bus completely electrically. Power from the on-board generator is either stored in the batteries or drawn to power the electric traction motor and ultimately the drive train - that’s what makes HybriDrive® Series-E the product of choice for transit agencies all over the world.

What's more Series-E provides up to 50 percent energy efficiency and is equipped with new silent and zero emission modes. Normal HybriDrive® propulsion can provide a fuel economy savings of up to 30 percent, but now with the ability to power bus accessories electrically another 10 percent can be achieved and yet another 10 percent with Stop/Start technology. Just imagine a transit bus silently pulling up to a stop without its engine idling as its passengers board or disembark. Taking it to the next level, buses will no longer need to idle at the stop to keep the air conditioning running. All the buses accessories are run on electric power from the Series-E system!

Learn more about our new electric modes making transit travel smarter:

Start/Stop Drive: This new drive mode enables the engine to shut off at stops and to decrease engine-idling time. The engine will automatically turn on once the bus takes travel. Currently our buses are reducing engine operation up to 40% and saving up to 10% in incremental fuel savings. What’s most impressive is the ability to run accessories electrically while the bus is at a stop or at idle. Drivers and passengers alike will enjoy the benefits of a quiet stop and in the summer a cooler bus without adding excess emissions into the air.

What’s Cool: We’re making transit travel smarter with GPS technology. We’ve taken our technical know-how and made new, smarter controls for managing the power on board the vehicle to improve efficiency, lower emissions, and change the operating characteristics of the bus. Transit agencies can map a greener route with Series-E using GPS technology. We’ll work together to develop a route that turns off the engine to optimize efficiency or passenger experience.

Depot Drive: It’s all about running electrically when it’s best for you. Sometimes you’ll run electrically to optimize efficiency but sometimes it will be to reduce noise levels in a sensitive area, specific neighborhood, or even your depot. Many transit agencies are talking about how nice it is to run a bus electrically through the depot for the health and safety of their employees. Depot drive enables pure electric travel for short distances when you need to be emission-free, quiet and use no fuel.

Silent Drive: Silent Drive is extending Depot Drive to include longer electric travel time. Silent Drive is used for those agencies needing zero emission operation in highly sensitive areas, such as a tunnel. Customers looking to use this mode should contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Take a short tour of the modes and see which electric modes are best for your transit agency.

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