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HybriDrive® Series – The world's most successful series
hybrid electric propulsion system for transit bus.

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Hybrid Solutions for Transit Bus
Hybrid Solutions for Transit Bus
Hybrid Solutions for Transit Bus

Hybrid City Bus

At BAE Systems we are proud to be part of the effort to keep our environment safer and greener. Our HybriDrive® Series powers the world’s largest hybrid bus fleet and carries as many as 693 million passengers benefit from the clean, quiet ride of these buses. HybriDrive®-equipped buses prevent more than 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions and save more than nine million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

The series design is optimized for city bus duty cycles that typically have low average speeds and frequent stops. In this type of environment, series provides better bus fuel economy and emission reductions than a parallel solution. Our latest product; HybriDrive® Series-E not only provides electric propulsion but can power all bus accessories electrically while providing zero emission modes and a path to an all-electric vehicle.

HybriDrive® propulsion is offered through major OEM partners including: New Flyer Industries, Nova Bus, Gillig, Alexander Dennis (ADL) and IVECO and is available for conventional and articulated transit bus platform.

Hybrid Electric Solution for Articulated Buses

Our proven HybriDrive® propulsion system is available for articulated bus platforms as well. This powerful hybrid bus solution is able to drive vehicles up to 63,000 pounds. It provides superior acceleration, making it easy to climb steep hills, and sustains a top speed of 65mph. And, most importantly, it meets or exceeds APTA guidelines for sustainability.

Take a look at our demonstration vehicle travelling through the city and on the highway.

Recently Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in Santa Clara purchased articulated buses from New Flyer with HybriDrive propulsion, we expect to see these vehicles travelling through the streets in the Summer of 2014.

VTA Articulated Bus

New Flyer Industries has selected BAE Systemsí HybriDrive® propulsion system to power a fleet of new 60-foot,
low-floor rapid transit buses for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in San Jose, California.

Why HybriDrive®?

Independent measurements have shown that HybriDrive® consistently provides the greatest energy savings in city bus propulsion tests. Our integrated hybrid power systems also maximize your operational budget due to their superior efficiency and impressively low maintenance costs, making HybriDrive® the best hybrid solution. Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center study results show that HybriDrive® bus fuel economy is noticeably better than alternative electric drive propulsion systems, making HybriDrive® the best source of hybrid electric savings.

Diesel Bus Fuel Savings Chart

A comprehensive test conducted at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center in Pennsylvania showed that in some cases HybriDrive® hybrid buses achieved almost double the MPG of equivalent conventional diesel buses.

Altoona Bus Fuel Economy Chart

The hybrid electric motor offers a smooth, powerful, shift-free ride that your passengers will really appreciate. See what real people have to say about hybrid electric buses:

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