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Our History

The BAE Systems HybriDrive® hybrid electric drive propulsion system is a leading-edge technology, but it has a proven record of past performance and excellence in service. HybriDrive® technology first entered service in Daimler Orion hybrid city buses on the streets of New York City in 1998. In 2002 New York City hybrid buses equipped with BAE Systems HybriDrive® propulsion systems helped the transit authority win the Clean Air Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. This was just one of HybriDrive’s subsequent hybrid awards.

Toronto placed its first order for HybriDrive® propulsion system equipped buses in 2005. This was the first hybrid electric drive bus fleet in Canada and is now Canada’s largest hybrid fleet. That same year, San Francisco ordered the first hybrid electric power buses in California, also using HybriDrive® technology. San Francisco is now home to California’s largest hybrid fleet as well. Not long after, HybriDrive® powered buses entered service in Houston and Ottawa, providing those cities the benefits of improved bus fuel economy and hybrid transit energy savings.

In January of 2006, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released the interim findings of its study of bus propulsion systems in New York City. NREL reported that HybriDrive® diesel electric hybrid propulsion systems had 45% better bus fuel economy than diesel. HybriDrive® hybrid solutions for buses were also found to be more reliable, with 7,000 miles between road calls compared to 4,000 miles with diesel. New York City now has the world’s largest hybrid city bus fleet and utilizes HybriDrive® diesel electric propulsion systems.

Constantly improving our hybrid systems technology, we unveiled in 2007 our revolutionary lithium-ion energy storage solution – which is lighter, more efficient and lasts longer than previous systems. We subsequently released a new, simpler, more capable, and more reliable hybrid city bus power propulsion system that is adaptable to a wider range of bus models. And we continue to update our commercial hybrid electric drive and power management systems, including developing a system for hybrid commercial trucks.

HybriDrive® broke ground overseas in 2008, when the first HybriDrive® hybrid energy systems powered buses were delivered to London through our partnership with the UK’s leading manufacturer, Alexander Dennis Ltd. That same year Isuzu announced that it would introduce electric buses with BAE Systems hybrid propulsion technology to Japan as well. And our commercial hybrid bus deliveries have continued.

The United Kingdom’s Department of Transport created the £30 million Green Bus Fund in 2009, and in 2010 HybriDrive® powered Alexander Dennis Limited buses began to enter service across the UK, and are becoming a common sight on the streets of London and other major UK cities.

HybriDrive’s history of reliability, efficiency and advancement ensures that our team and our systems can meet the environmental and budget demands of any transit authority, now and in the future. It’s what makes us hybrid champions and the leading provider of integrated hybrid electric propulsion systems for transit buses.

BAE Systems is also developing a system for hybrid boats and hybrid ships. We also develop hybrid drive and power management systems for military vehicles. Our military hybrid generators are fuel efficient hybrid energy solutions.

In addition to our hybrid solutions for military and hybrid commercial trucks, BAE Systems power management capabilities and products provide solutions for the hybrid locomotive market – BAE Systems products equip over 8,000 locomotives in the US alone. Contact us for more information on our hybrid locomotive solutions and our solutions for hybrid military and hybrid commercial trucks.

In the future, BAE Systems will increase energy savings for buses by making HybriDrive® a 100% clean air solution using fuel cell or enhanced battery technology, building on the flexibility of our HybriDrive® Series hybrid propulsion system. BAE Systems will also continue to develop drive solutions for hybrid boats and hybrid ships.

Hybrid electric drive milestones